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Gift Card Terms and Conditions

Use and Acceptance: 

Use of this Gift Card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

No hidden fees: 

The full amount of the purchased gift card is applied to services or products from French Touch Aesthetics exclusively. There are no hidden fees; no activation fees, no set up fees, no maintenance or redemption fees.


Gift cards are fully refundable for 30 days after purchase and are refunded using the same method by which they were bought (Paypal). After 30 days, gift cards are redeemable for products and services only.


If lost or stolen, this Gift Card cannot be replaced without the original sales receipt. 

We are not responsible if any lost or stolen Gift Card is used without your permission.

Replacement value will be the value of the gift card at the time the card is reported lost or stolen

Redemption and value: 

Gift cards are issued and redeemed in GB pounds.

The maximum amount that an individual French Touch Aesthetics gift card can hold is £ 1,000.00.

If there is a balance left on the gift card after services or products are provided, the balance amount is non-refundable but can be used for future services or products. Gift cards cannot be redeemed for cash by the recipient. If an purchase exceeds the amount of a Gift Card, the remaining balance must be paid using another payment method. 





Modification of Terms and Conditions: 

We reserve the right to add, delete and/or modify any of these terms and conditions, at any time, in our sole discretion.

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