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I am a French doctor qualified in 2000 with a Doctoral Thesis prize and a “Gold Medal” for research work from the Rouen University Hospital. I am fully registered with the General Medical Council, UK’s independent medical regulatory body.


Committed to safety and quality, I have the highest level of qualification   recommended by Health Education England for the delivery of cosmetic procedures. I favour a progressive and conservative approach to deliver the best natural result and use only high quality products.



Did you know that practitioners who administer non-surgical cosmetic treatments aren’t legally required to have any qualifications? Surprising but true, as currently in the UK procedures such as botulinum toxin, dermal filler injections or chemical peels can legally be performed by anyone, whatever their level of training, medical or otherwise. 

Faced with this problem, Health Education England was recently commissioned by the Department of Health to develop qualification requirements for the delivery of non-surgical cosmetic interventions to make sure practitioners have had the appropriate training to deliver high quality services and ensure patient safety and high standards of care.

I have obtained the Level 7 qualification which is the highest level of qualification requirement recommended.

High quality products

New treatments are launched every year and it can be very confusing for patients to choose among the long listing of options. 

As an independent doctor, with no affiliation to a product supplier, I use only the best products and most tested and confirmed procedures.

Dr Jean-Philippe Torre



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