The Four Step Approach

by Dr Jean-Philippe Torre

My philosophy 

The French Touch in Aesthetic 

After a precise review, analyzing the specific problem areas and goals of the patient, we'll discuss the treatment options and agree on a personalized treatment plan.

We will take a progressive approach to allow for a more natural result. I do not advocate large change in “one go” and prefer to do less where possible. This ensures a more harmonious result, respecting the contours and existing expression lines of the face. Our goal will be to make you look better, not different.

Many people worry about having a ‘frozen’ face after Botox. My progressive approach minimizes the risk.  

Keep things natural to let your beauty shine through, this is the French Touch in Aesthetic!


Safety, Simplicity, and Efficiency. 

New treatments are launched every year and it can be confusing to look at long lists of procedures and products options proposed by large cosmetic clinics and chains, often linked to certain suppliers.

As an independent and medical doctor, I consider that medical treatments must be as simple, safe and efficient as possible. I personally select the best globally-recognised products and treatments which have demonstrated their effectiveness over millions of treatments performed. Those treatments, allowing to target the different aspects of the aging face, are all non-invasive and very well tolerated. 



Many patients don't like the idea of having a treatment done in a busy high street clinic.

I practice in two discreet locations.

My private treatment room is situated 200m from the fashionable Northcote Road.

I also operate from a unique boutique inspired by the French Parapharmacie Make Me Feel, in the heart of the beautiful Abbeville village. 

The Four Step Approach

My ' four step approach'  is based on a specific selection of treatments, targeting the core root causes of the ageing process.

As we age, there are four core areas of our face that are impacted: the skin (epidermis and dermis), the subcutaneous tissue (fat pads++) the supporting muscles and the bones. The combined impacts result in loss of volume​skin lustre loss, appearance of lines and 'drooping'. 


My four step approach specifically targets these four core areas to restore a more youthful you: the epidermis (micro-dermabrasion) for lustre and hydratation; the dermis (micro-needling) to stimulate natural collagen, elastin production, and cells renewal; the fat pads and bones (dermal filler) to enhance lost volume, 'lift' and support the skin; the muscles (Botox) to reduce the appearance (and formation) of wrinkles and to provide additional 'lift'.

This approach will be adapted to your specific case. There is no ''one size fit all' formula for anti-aging. Everyone's face is different. We will design together the best combination of treatments considering your specific signs of ageing, your concerns and the kind of treatments you are ready to consider. 

Learn more about each treatment.

Please be aware that results and benefits may vary from patient to patient depending on factors such as age, lifestyle and medical history.


Dr Jean-Philippe Torre



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