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With photo-damage we develop an hyperkeratosis, an increase of the percentage of dead cells compared to the living cells at the surface of the skin (epidermis). 

Your skin looks dull, doesn't have a fresh look.

The modified composition of the epidermis creates a defective barrier function of the skin, leading to a loss of protection of the underlying tissues from the outside environment. Some cracks and gaps appear in the epidermis. It increases the trans-epidermal water loss, at the origin of dry, rough and irregular skin, lose of elasticity, large pores and fine lines.

The efficacy of topicals is reduced because they are absorbed by the layer of dead cells and find a reduced number of living cells. 

Furthermore, melanocytes density decreases 10-20% per decade. Your skin starts tanning unevenly because melanin is produced in blotchy patterns.


Micro-Dermabrasion provides a non-surgical safe method of gently removing dead skin cells from the uppermost surface of the skin and stimulating the underlying tissues. It is used to improve mild to moderate aging signs by restoring a healthier skin.


Diamond Peel Dermabrasion System, rated by many specialists as the world's leading microdermabrasion.

This is an incredibly innovative and effective treatment, favoured by patients for its immediate, dramatic and long lasting results. 



This multifunctional treatment delivers gentle, controlled skin exfoliation. 

A small stainless steel head which contains miniature diamond grains creates a very light abrasion. It removes a part of the Stratum Corneum (the layers of dead cells), the outermost layer of the epidermis, and gets rid of any imperfections. As the head moves across the skin’s surface,
a mild suction hygienically disposes of old skin cells. Doing so, it progressively improves the balance between dead and living cells, and restores the barrier function of the skin, for a better protection of the underlying tissues. Studies have shown that the process also directly affects deeper layers of the epidermis and dermis. It improves the collagen fibre density and its distribution (help fighting scarring, striae and photoaging).  It is responsible of a re-arrangement of melanosomes, restoring a regular distribution with decreased melanisation (help fighting melasma and age spots). Furthermore, it has a stimulating effect on the micro-circulation: on the lymphatic drainage, which is responsible of waste products elimination from the skin, and will help with puffiness under the eyes; and on blood vessels, bringing more nutrients, stimulating skin regeneration (which is reduced with poor general health and aging) and improving collagen production (which naturally decreases by 1% per year after the age of 20). It promotes the elimination of toxins and a quicker healing.

Finally it is also used for its mild lift effect by muscle stimulation.


Hyperkeratosis, enlarged pores and dull skin without a fresh look, rough skin, dry skin, congested skin, skin irregularities, stretch marks, fines lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, age spots, pigmentation marks, acne scaring.

Suitable for all skin colour and type as the abrasion levels can be adjusted according to the individuals’ skin.

If you don't like the idea of anti-wrinkle or filler injections, Micro-dermabrasion (particularly when associated with Micro-needling) can be considered a good alternative to keep a young-looking skin.


30 to 45 min.

With 2 face masks included at the end of the treatment, and SPF applied to protect the skin.


There is no down time.

Most patients experience no adverse events. However a redness of the skin is possible for several hours after the treatment.

This system, less abrasive than crystal-based systems or chemical peels, virtually eradicates the risk of skin infection and scarring.


Most of the patients will immediately notice a clearer smoother fresher and more glowing skin.

But it's a progressive technique, and optimal results are generally achieved after a course of 6 to 10 treatments.

Then you can expect an evened skin tone, bright complexion (skin glow), reduced appearance of dark spots, and wrinkles, with cleaned-out pores and improved smoothness and texture of the skin. Decrease in skin stiffness and an increase in skin thickness. 

And a plus, is the improvement of the penetration of your favorite topicals by allowing the drug to diffuse more freely in the viable epidermis.


Can be repeated at intervals of 7 days during a course of treatments.

Then a regular maintenance to keep the skin in good condition.


A different stainless steel head is used for successive patients. 

After each patient, a proper sterilization of the equipment is performed. 


As for all the procedures proposed, the treatment will only be administered after a free pre-treatment consultation.

During this consultation, the concerns of the patient will be discussed, a full assessment carried out, a tailored treatment proposed, alternative options, prices, cautions and contraindications discussed. 

Finally, written and detailed information will be given to the patient who will be able to take it away and read it before making their decision.

*Please be aware that results and benefits may vary from patient to patient depending on factors such as age, lifestyle and medical history.

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