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Dull Skin

People experiencing dull skin frequently feel that their skin don’t have a fresh looking anymore, look tired, lack brightness and look more grey than pink.


A healthy skin should be smooth, firm, properly hydrated and evenly colored.


A dull skin has partly or totally lost those characteristics and therefore can’t reflect nicely the light anymore, explaining the lack or radiance.


You can take a few steps by yourself to improve things and avoid further degradation, by working on your lifestyle:  avoid smoking, reduce your alcohol consumption, work on the quality and regularity of your sleep, improve your diet, get some exercise, drink enough, and moderate your sun exposure. You can also exfoliate and hydrate your skin regularly.


We can help you to improve the quality of your skin and restore your natural youthful glow, in particular by working on different factors associated with aging:


  • Excess of dead cells at the surface of your skin

Resulting mainly from photoaging. A big layer of dead cells explains partly the dull aspect of the skin and an uneven texture. It damages the barrier function of the skin, favouring the development of cracks in the skin increasing the trans epidermal water loss and leading to a dryer skin, feeling rougher with larger pores. The skin loses its elasticity because of the dehydration, favouring the apparition of lines. Finally, it also reduces the penetration and action of your favourite topical, giving you the impression that nothing can improve your condition.


  • Pigmentary changes 

Uneven pigmentation might be attributed to an irregular distribution of pigments, hyperactivation of melanocytes, altered distribution or turnover of pigment, and deficient physiological pigmentation regulation.

They are associated with an uneven tone, pigmentation marks, dark spots, melasma.


  • Poorer and slower micro circulation (veins, arteries and lymphatics)

Leading to a diminished rate of cell proliferation (fewer cells), collagen synthesis reduction, loss of elastic fibres, and accumulation of toxic waste metabolites.

Treatment Options


with Diamond Peel Dermabrasion System

Why this treatment?

A well known procedure used for decades (first introduced in 1985), suitable for all skin colour and type as the abrasion levels can be adjusted.

An increasing interest for its properties, with a growing list of indications, including Dull Skin.

A minimally invasive procedure, less aggressive alternative to chemical peels and dermabrasion, performed without the use of anaesthesia (painless), with minimal side effects and down time. 

Fights the hyper-keratosis caused by photo aging with a gentle skin exfoliation, and improves skin smoothness and texture.

Helps to restore the normal barrier function of the skin, a better hydratation, resulting in a brighter and refreshed skin.

Fights melasma and age spots by favouring a more regular distribution of melanosomes with decreased melanisation.

The possibility to combine it with other dermatologic or cosmetic treatments.

A quick recovery of the skin barrier after the procedure, allowing to perform it on a weekly basis.


with Collagen P.I.N.

Why this treatment?

Another well known process (original conception in 1995), which can safely address a variety of concerns in all skin types, with an adjustable needle length.

Induce a natural wound healing, with a very low risk of dyspigmentation (as opposed to Laser and Chemical Peel), minimal side effects and down time.

Increases the local blood circulation, resulting in a better tissue metabolism, nutrition and vitality.

Increases cells regeneration, improves collagen and elastin synthesis.

Enhance the absorption of topically applied products.

Results in younger, healthier, plumper, and firmer skin, for an overall better tone and texture.

It can also be combined with other dermatologic or cosmetic treatments to maximise benefits. 

Very well tolerated by patients, with a short healing time. 

Skin Boosters


Why this treatment?

Combination of two safe and efficient treatments, Microneedling and Mesotherapy.

Treating homogeneously each square centimetre of the face with intradermal Bioactive products and compounds. 

Uses carefully selected mesotherapy ingredients: Epidermal Growth Factor and Fibroblast Growth Factors , Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamines, C, B2, D2, B3, B6, H, B5, Copper Peptides.

The benefits of 2 procedures allowing various facial improvements.

Improves the physiological environment of skin cells, stimulate cellular activity, increase the natural synthesis of collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic Acid.

The skin will feel tighter, look more hydrated, glow more, for a natural and fresh look.

Possibility to combine with other dermatologic or cosmetic treatments to maximise benefits. 

Very well tolerated by patients, and short healing time.

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