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Covid-19 Policy

In order to better safeguard our patients and ourselves, the following policy will be in place at French Touch Aesthetics when returning after the Government currently imposed lockdown.

What we will do:

  • Booking times will be planned to avoid queuing, with always only one patient in the premises at a time;

  • Additional time will be allowed between patients for ventilation and disinfection of the treatment room;

  • Windows will stay opened wherever possible; 

  • We will ensure 2 metres distancing at all times, except when undergoing treatment;

  • Hand sanitiser will be made available for patients

  • As usual, Reusable, non-invasive equipment will be decontaminated between each patient and after patient use;

  • We will work in a paper free environment;

  • The doctor will clean his hands before every episode of direct patient care and after any activity or contact that potentially results in hands becoming contaminated;

  • The doctor will wear single use face masks and gloves and an uniform (removed and washed at 60ºC at the end of the day);

  • We will accept payment by card only (and clean card machine after each use); 

  • At the end of the working day, all common areas will be subjected to a thorough cleaning and disinfection regime.  


What our patients should do:


  • You shouldn’t book an appointment if: 

    • you had COVID-19 in the last 6 weeks;

    • you are currently suspected of having COVID-19; 

    • you have a fever, or have had a high temperature in the last 6 weeks (a fever is a temperature greater than 37.8ºc), 

    • you have had one of these symptoms in the last 6 weeks: a cough or any other respiratory signs, loss of smell and taste, fatigue, headaches, sore throat, aches and pains;

    • you have been in contact with or are living with someone suspected or confirmed of having Covid-19, in the last 2 weeks;

    • you suffer from any of the following: Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, including hypertension, chronic lung disease, immunodeficiency, cancer under active treatment;

    • you are pregnant;

    • you are over 70 years of age.

  • When coming to an appointment:

    • you should limit the wearing of jewellery (virus catcher);

    • keep hands away from the eyes, mouth and nose;

    • ideally you should wear a mask before and after the treatment;

    • attend your appointment unaccompanied;

    • upon arrival, you should wash your hands, and when the treatment is complete, before leaving you should wash your hands once more;

    • minimal make-up should be worn;

    • limit the personal possessions you bring with you.

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