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Skin ageing is a complex process due to intrinsic chronological factors (chronoageing) and extrinsic environmental factors. The primary extrinsic factor is cumulative ultraviolet (UV) exposure (photoageing).


There are many changes that occur to the face during the ageing process. 


Proper understanding of the different elements is a key in success when it comes to skin rejuvenation. 

They can be generalised in 3 categories:

the volume loss and gravity effect, ​the active and passive lines and the changes to the skin.

Volume Loss and Gravity Effect:

Reduction of muscle tone,  increased bone resorption (less support for the tissues), reduced fad pads moving downwards (less volume in the cheeks and an increase of volume in the jaw region), loss of lips volume, all those changes impact the aspect of the face.

In women, for example, the face shape changes from the V shape of the youth to an inverted V or square shape. There are prominent brow bones, sunken temples, an increase in bags under the eyes, an increase in eyelid folds, an increase in nasolabial folds, cheek hollowness, formation of jowls.


​Active and Passive Lines:

The muscles of the face, also called muscles of facial expression, are the only group of muscle that insert directly onto the skin. By contracting, the muscles pull on the skin and exert their effects.When we are young the elastin and collagen can cope with this movement without leaving lines on our faces. However, over time the movement of muscles of facial expression leads to line production. 


Changes to the Skin: 

Many changes occur to the skin during the ageing process.  

They affect 3 aspects: the skin surface, the skin colour,and the underlying biochemistry.

The skin surface: wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of tension, thinner or thicker skin, loss of fat and rough texture.

The skin colour: pigmentation, uneven tone, dull skin and dilated capillaries.

The underlying biochemistry: reduced production of elastin and collagen, reduced ability to combine with water - dehydrated skin, decreased lipid production – dry skin, reduced blood flow to the skin, reduced energy production meaning less DNA repair, slower cell turn over, reduced immune function.

To help you fight those signs of ageing, my approach is based on a small range of non-invasive treatments, selected for their safety, tolerability and efficiency*.

* Results may vary from person to person

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